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Critical - that's spot on. Jan has much more freedom with Belgium and he delivers. For Belgium, Toby is the one being held back. Whatever works for either team I suppose. You can't really fault MP's decisions regarding CB's over the last 2 years, not with that defensive record. Similarly, it's hard to argue with Belgium's results recently. So I suppose that depending on the manager, they will give different instructions to different players to suit the team. For Spurs, that means holding Jan back, and pigeon-holing Dier in a very specific role. Maybe it's harder for those players to shine in those conditions, but it's for the good of the team. But I agree that both probably have more to offer; the question is at what cost on the rest of the team? If Dier ventures forward more, who is going to cover the back 4? Mousa will have less freedom to go forward. Similarly, if Jan goes forward, who will cover? Probably the full back who will have to be less attacking. Every choice has a trade off.

Posted By: BelgianSpur

Date/Time: 08/09/2017 09:28:00


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