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Dele, yes at any level of football players make mistakes. The question must be how many and how critical both in terms of conceding goals and missing opportunities to set up chances for our team. If made on a regular basis then they negate any good things the player may have done. Look at Lloris in the Chelsea game. The two errors cost goals and eventually the match, but he doesn't make errors like that very often, if at all. If he did, as a goalkeeper, it would be obvious since he has no one to help him out, unlike outfield players. I did say we we played badly in the Chelsea game mainly due to the reason highlighted by Oy Veh regarding the speed of our play allowing Chelsea to control the game. Some saw Chelsea taking a battering, I saw them controlling what we could do. Anyway, I discovered early in my playing days that the level professional footballers attain is massively higher than I would ever be able to achieve and so when I watch today and I think I could have scored that goal or I would have intercepted that pass I know that 'I' wouldn't have done, but as professionals, with all their Superior skill I hold players to a higher standard. Who cares. It's just my opinion. Always happy to debate. So far this season has been underwhelming for me but with our new additions maybe we are poised for great things. I hope so.

Posted By: Harry-Kari

Date/Time: 07/09/2017 14:51:00


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