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Oy Veh..Reasonable article. Poch has to get the balance right, and this will take some time... Players travelling around the world playing in games and then back to London in a week does not help! However I expect we will have almost (RB Aurier) the same team as last game, with subs on 60min - 80min (lorente, son, Sanchez) Ericson needs to remember how to get his freekicks into opposition net again. Yes we do need to move the ball faster as ponderous sideways and back passing is costing time and the chance to counter attack. A few more quick 1 2 give and pass, some long diagonal balls from Toby to front players (Dele & Harry) on runs will help. Attacks down the wings and crosses into box is needed. As it has been said before..(e.g. Chelsea game) high possession % means nothing if you don't score goals to win. COYS

Posted By: Block D Spurs

Date/Time: 07/09/2017 07:54:00


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