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Frank wears his heart on his sleeve where Spurs are concerned and so do I. He makes the case for action to improve our squad, others make the case that based upon last season nothing necessarily needs to be done. Last season is history. If anything is to be learned from history it would be that our current first team does not cope well when pressed, we have a lack of pace up front and key players have quiet games but cannot be replaced due to the quality of our bench, all symptoms that were on display last night. Money is available from last season's profits and this window's sales but as usual no action has been taken in time for the start of the season. After last night's display, any player would think twice about joining. Well as City played, our performance was chaotic tending to suggest that our overall quality, coupled with the continued improvement resulting from the stability of the team is a myth and that new blood is required if we are even to repeat our level from last season.

Posted By: Harry-Kari

Date/Time: 30/07/2017 15:10:00


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