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This is classic Spurs situation at least during the last 16 years. There has been a regular stream of departing quality players leaving whenever we look like stepping up to the next level. We have seen Carrick, Berbatov, Modric, Bale, VDV etc.etc. and now Walker, seemingly Dier, and no doubt others going. Supposedly it is cheaper to run a "nearly club", always seemingly just falling short, than it is to have to make the investment as the likes of Chelsea, Man City, Arsenal, and Man Utd have done, to actually challenge for and win honours. People go on about the prices and the level of spend in this TW, but actually no club has yet net spent their total Sky TV money from last season, we actually received in TV and 2nd place prize money in access of £190M, this plus the £50M for Walker (less Sheff Utd's £5M cut) means that theoretically there is some £240M+ available without breaking into the Lewis family fortune, to invest in the squad, only a fraction of which would be needed to sign the 2 or at most 3 players we need to bolster our squad, to provide the cover, selection options, cover fluctuations in form or fitness, and put pressure on for selection in key positions for the 50-60 games to come if we are to make meaningful challenges in all 4 competitions in 2017-8, and to make us genuine challengers for honours, especially up front where we have failed for 4 or 5 windows to give Kane the support that he needs and deserves. The regular pleas of poverty are way off the mark. Before the cost of the new stadium is mentioned there was an assurance given by our chairman that funding the new build would not impact on the "on the pitch" budget, this would appear not to be the case. Incidentally spurman61 you are spot on.

Posted By: Frank

Date/Time: 17/07/2017 15:26:00


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