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I do accept that some of us will panic with this kind of speculation but we do get it every year and I can accept that it's inevitable and even more so the better we do. ..... Not long before we can start to watch some competitive football again and the coming season now looks like it could be better and even more exciting than last in the PL. This is a lot to do with Spurs having laid down the gauntlet for others who have been and still are in a stronger position to Spurs are, on paper. That hasn't changed. I'm still confident that when the likes of City and United step it up a couple of gears that Spurs can and will do as well. This to me is a great challenge to look forward to and not to fear. The PL is one thing and the cups are another. Even if we were to win a cup or get close again, for me the toughest challenge of all remains the PL and I can't wait for it. Bring it on Pepe, Conte, Jose, Wenger etc., Pochettino is ready and waiting for you. Show us what you got!

Posted By: Dele-Arri

Date/Time: 17/07/2017 12:25:00


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