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I would argue that our league position has nothing to do with the strength of our bench. Leicester won the league with no bench last year, and Chelsea are doing very well this year and won the league 2 years ago despite hardly rotating. League position has no correlation to strength in depth. If we just chose one competition every year, played our best 11 in that one and threw all of the others away, we would probably do quite well in the competition we had chosen. Competing in one competition isn't what tests a squad, it's competing on multiple fronts. Out of all of the cups available to us, the FA Cup is arguably the one which tests our squad the least, because it's got the fewest games to the final and its games often replace a PL game, which means we're not playing 2 games in one week for most of the competition, as opposed to the European cups. If we want to do better in Europe, the squad needs strengthening (ideally with players who have that pedigree) and I think this year is a fairly good proof of that. This doesn't take anything away from how well some players have done overall this season, but let's also not forget that some of our better players have also gone missing on the European stage.

Posted By: BelgianSpur

Date/Time: 20/04/2017 16:09:00


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