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I didn't watch the last 2 games, so I can only give a general view of what may be going on. When I saw that Eriksen & Son were the only 2 to be rested, I got concerned. Our usual attacking 3 midfielders (including Alli) work because when not all play well, one or two play well to make a difference. And they all bring something to the attack: Eriksen: creativity, assists, Alli: goals, runs into the box, Son: running, pace, goals with either foot. They all played vs Liverpool, and didn't get a sniff. Our alternatives have failed to make impact: Janssen, N'Koudou, Sissoko, Onomah. But should we be surprised that they haven't made impact? N'Koudou has only started 2 games in all comps. Onomah 4 games. Sissoko 10 games.... Janssen 12. Eriksen has started 31, and it could be argued that he was not firing on all cylinders during much of them. We really need to start the back ups more. Sure, we will risk points in doing that. But we will also gain the ability to field players that can genuinely provide effective back up as opposed to just filling a shirt. They also can become effective sub options, and this could regain the lost points and more. N'Koudou may have lots to learn, but he would learn faster on the job. If he hasn't learnt enough now that we are in the second half of the season, when will he ever learn enough to start...? I can only assume that Janssen is being saved to start against Fulham. But he surely cannot be tired. He surely will want to play as many games as he can. We really should have out and out strikers on the bench to try and nick goals late on.

Posted By: TonyRich

Date/Time: 17/02/2017 10:41:00


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