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Interesting how we each view players. Lloris's distribution at the back is suicidal, his floated passes to wide men an invitation to the opposition defence and at least his hoofs upfield do not put us back under immediate danger. Needs a brain transplant. GKN made Sissoko look what he is i.e.: someone with no ball control who cannot beat a player and put in a decent cross. GKN was never given quick ball during his brief appearance which he needs to run at defenders before they are set. When Eriksen came on he found space and moved the ball well, although wasted a couple of good opportunities. Dembele was targeted and unable to make a pass. I love his skills but his contributions to attack have been virtually non-existent all season. Playing Alli wide left with a back 4 leaves him isolated and the FB exposed. He is much more effective in CM. Kane needs help to be effective and can't play effectively as a single striker. At Wembley's wide open spaces I can only see a Gent win if we continue to use the same 'tactics' and unless Poch steps up to the plate instead of blaming esoteric mental problems I won't be surprised to lose to Fulham either.

Posted By: Harry-Kari

Date/Time: 17/02/2017 10:11:00


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