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Perspective people!! Chelsea have nearly double the gap to us, in 2nd then we do to United in 6th! We need to stop worrying about Chelsea and take care of our own business. We made the same mistake last season and started adding the pressure of closing the gap to the Foxes as our main goal then every mis-step became dropped points. We are in a 5 way slugging match for 3 champions league spots. We are outsiders for the title and only three points better off then the other outsiders in that one horse race. Lets consolidate our top four spot over the next few games. Beat Liverpool and they are out of the equation. Those three points allow us to take advantage of further implosion by the gooner's. United and City are coming back strong. We are out in front by a neck at the moment. Sunderland was a good point considering what went on around us. I want to stop talk of titles and narrow our focus to weekly results. We have a little bit of wiggle room, Chelsea have a lot. I'd like more going into cup run season!!

Posted By: Slurms McKenzie

Date/Time: 06/02/2017 16:30:00


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