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Hey all, hope you're good. Not too much time these days for in dept analysis but regularly reading along (hmm went on a small splurge here:D). I dunno, I thought it was a v good performance, we're improving all the time at creating different variations on attacking angles... rose was almost becoming a no10 over the past few weeks, sitting directly behind the front 2, dembele has been drifting left far more when we need a goal, I've no bloody idea where CE plays now haha! VM is chipping in crosses to himself!! :D, it's all f'kn brilliant, the way I see it. BIG thing yesterday is that we didn't close the game out in any shape or form... I don't mind looking for another goal, but there were some unnecessary and daft balls across their back line that broke down into predictable counter-attacks. We can make end-game far easier on ourselves I think, we're so capable, why don't we just do it!? Son has days like this, I believe, he should have scored 2 (normally would). He was the focal point and I like, again, how Poch alters the tactics with small, simple changes having obvious influence. I don't see the reason for concern, we're doing great. Borough also played well and were very fast to recover, looked a very fit team to me, good attitude. They managed good pressure on all our counters, but yeah, we should have done better at testing the goal on prob 3 occasions. Mostly I'm just going 'WOW!' at the moves we're trying. Our player are so tuned in to what they want to do on the pitch, and the bigger picture, it's just engrossing. For me, i now want the players to win something for themselves, for their effort and commitment, instead of whatever association I've got with supporting Spurs. I honestly just respect these players and am happy for the good times they provide. Although...I'd BLOODY LOVE to catch CFC to win the title!

Posted By: ardone

Date/Time: 05/02/2017 13:25:00


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