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I'm going to heap some praise on Pochettino, as I think he fully deserves it. It was good to hear the WHL crowd last night were singing out loud and proud, his 'magic' song......... His formation and game-plan worked a treat and I can understand why some may be seeing it as the way to go forward from here on but, I think it worked so well because it was set up specifically and perfectly for the opposition, for Conte's Chelsea team. It's what he has been doing all season, in my eyes. For instance, in our 2-0 win against City, (in which I thought our general play was even better or at least as good), we had a very different line-up and formation. It was a 4-1-4-1 ish if I remember, with Sissoko and Lamela out wide and Son up top. Wanyama was playing as the soul defensive mid with Dele and Eriksen playing quite free roles, connecting defence to attack........ It worked and it was right for that particular match-up. He would have probably played it differently if it wasn't for injuries etc., but he utilised the players he had available very well. Much as he did last night. We still have Lamela to come back and when he does, along with all the others, this gives us even more options and variations on a theme or, themes....... Whatever he plans next, may not work as well but, I wouldn't bank on it being quite as it was last night. Keep it up Pochettino. keep it up Spurs! ........ Get up, get on up...... Like a Poch machine... Get on up.

Posted By: MAN ON!

Date/Time: 05/01/2017 13:10:00


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