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The advantage of being in the EL is to give the non-starters some playing time. If we cannot win some matches in Europe with them, then we've learned something about them. We certainly should not wear out our better players if we are in the EL, as improving our play and our position in the EPL is far more important. I'm far to tired of our allowing Arse to end the season ahead of us. For me, reversing that is more important than all else. Our first focus should be on putting Arse in the rear-view mirror. Beating some team from Bucharest or somewhere east of the Urals isn't of that much interest in comparison. Of course, we should be able to win against such teams. But let's start putting Arse in the rear-view mirror. Until we do that, I'm not really happy with anything else we may accomplish.

Posted By: Falstaff the Fool

Date/Time: 27/11/2016 16:34:00


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