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Do we gamble on trying to win the PL or get top four and have another bash at CL next season, or do we try and win Europa and get CL next season that way! Difficult, because has the season has been so far this year it hards to say we can get top four, and that may be a few Europa games may be a better chance of winning it and getting Cl next season. On the other hand, we are not massively far behind and a slip up for Chelsea and the other tema can easily put us back in the frame, so do we concentrate on Pl and forget Europa, whatever we do its a gamble.

Biggst concerns for me is our transfers, yet again we have brought poorly, still feel we have no back up for Kane and I am not sure Dier is happy, he isn't the player of last season, or the first season in defense either, think he liked being the best player in DM position and I hope for one he gets his place back. Yep I think we should play Dier and Wanyam, I think Wanyama can do Dembele role just as good and allow Dier to stay deep. Let Dembele fight for his place again because he has gone back to his old ways.

I think we have to hope Dele picks up form, may be he is missing Dier in the centre, and lets hope Eriksen can take heart from that goal and press on now. I think Son days are numbered, not good enough to start, may as well cash in while is value is still high in Germany, and unless Janssen starts to make more of an impact I can't see him being kept, Berahino in January anyone. At least he can score and knows the PL, cut down price and some fitness work should see him happy again and get back to his old self, which was good potential.

I think Sissoko days are already numbered which begs the question, who brought him. I am concerned Verts hasbn't signed a new contract, and I can also see Wimmer going if Verts does stay, he isn't going to stick around as second choice, his performances have dropped, he needs regular game time now to have any chance of progressing, and he isn;t going to get it while Verts is around, not in the PL or CL.

Things are not good at the moment, but they have been worse.

Posted By: TH4Life

Date/Time: 27/11/2016 16:22:00


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