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All doom and gloom, let's be logical. 1, players burned out from the euros . 2, Kane injured. 3, Toby injured. 4, dembele suspended . 5, Dier removed from DCM in favour of Wanyama. ( disruptive to Dier). 6, fatigue, 7, Stupid tour of Australia. 8, preseason lack of cohesion of players. 9, stupid internationals breaking up the rhythm we had. 10, Wembley (big mistake. That's a few reasons, we have lost 1 game this season in the PL. you would think we are 19th.... last season, we punched above our weight .... we are where we should be regarding the disruptions we had.... we need to play the kids in last CL game we win we win we love se we lose o be it ..l I think we need to be out of the Europa Leauge ... play once a week and the team will thrive... Chelsea have been winging it , Liverpool will be found out. Arsenal will collapse. Mn City are the team we need to beat and we can ... have faith in the players just not Jansen or sissko ....

Posted By: E17YID

Date/Time: 27/11/2016 15:16:00


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