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The same old pattern, we fail to win a game where we have had the greater share of possession 54%/46%, more shots 12/9, more passes 458/388, higher pass success 81%/76%, more tackles won 81%/46%, most crosses 19/14, but we fail to exploit this obvious superiority. This has been the case in almost all of the 7 games we have failed to win out of our 13 played, the stock reply to consistent concerns expressed re. this situation has been "Well we are still unbeaten", well this is no longer the case, so perhaps we can now admit that to have a win stat of less than 50% in the PL, and early elimination from the CL with a series of less than inspiring performances for the whole 90 minutes of most games, we have good halves and poor halves, must be a concern, together with some obvious squad weaknesses that should/must be addressed in January, but will they be, I personally doubt it. Incidentally the defence, or lack of it, for their second goal was a joke. How Dembele, and Dier, conspired together to allow Costa to run as far as he did to create Moses's chance to score, was scandalous.

Posted By: Frank

Date/Time: 27/11/2016 14:00:00


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