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Ok, so we all want answers and we are all speculating the reasons for team being chalk and cheese from last season. So many factors and potential reasons, clearly flicking over the on/off switch ain't gonna solve this. So, far I have seen numerous potential issues mentioned which has caused this malaise. I want to throw a few more in to the pot...

The players were fully aligned to Poch's philosophy last season and with a run of good result, we soon built a head of steam, only to be deflated at the very end. These players may well be adapting to the unsustainable high intensity demands of Poch's philosophy and therefore lowered their fuel burn to last the season? Secondly, The high number of injuries have had two effects, namely, lack of continuity and likelihood that those that are getting game time are trying to make the most of the opportunity, but reluctant to stick their bodies on the line (tackles etc) in case of injury (Son, Trippier last night). What's to say Dembele is not being apprehensive going all in to avoid further injury. Then there's the talent gap between the A teamers and the fringe players leading to more cautious style . No one wants to rock the boat because Poch's discipline regime means that they become outcasts, training with the kids or shown the door. questions, questions... answers on a postcard to THFC. COYS!

Posted By: Critical_Spur

Date/Time: 23/11/2016 20:23:00


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