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Highgate- to answer your question, my post wasn't about what I think about how we have performed in the PL but I was just suggesting, if we continue to under perform and many on here feel we have, then Levy may get itchy especially if we continue to under perform and drop points. I was just saying, Klinsmann is free, he is well liked at Spurs and if Levy sees an opportunity and gets itchy, fearful we are going backwards he may well 'react', whether he is right to do so is another matter and whether Klinsmann is right for the job is another a matter, I was just making light talk about what Levy could do in a rage of madness if things continue as they are.

I personally still think Poch is right man for the job, and I think we need to egt behind him, every manager hits a bad patch and I think Poch has hit one. The team is not playing great football and solutions need to be found before a collapse sets in. At the moment I think Poch is safe, but lets not forget Levy's past and how quick things can change with a run of poor performances.

Now we are out of the CL, PL has to be our priority, especially top four, on recent performances things could start to go horribly wrong. We were lucky against Leciester, we have drawn too many and a loss at weekend could be the beginning of a bad run, Poch has his work cut out, because most of us will agree, things are not working so well this year and if it doesn';t change soon it will take it's toll as it did in the CL.

I also think questions need to be asked especially regarding the summer signings but also with this seasons performnaces and the very poor CL campaign. Our CL campaign has been very poor, we went to pieces, so something isn't right. We have internationals in our squad, we have had the expereince of last season which we ought to have learnt from and build on and we haven't. Have we brought in weak minded international players who fall apart under pressure, or is it that they are still young, or is there something else going on. For me this season has been poor and we are fortunate to be were we are in the PL, but I have a unsettled feeling creeping in and I know what Levy can be like. Poch isn't safe, no manager is, but unless we improve and maiantain a top four challenge I can see a crisis coming into the club. lets not forget, our best players, Kane, hasn't signed his contract, Verts hasn't and Lloris hasn't. They want CL football, while I think Kane will stay until in the stadium I am not sure about Verts and Lloris and Toby's contract will need looking at soon, he is another who may well jump ship.

Something isn't right, and it needs sorting before levy tries to sort it, because we know what that would mean.

I think Poch has a big job on his hands simply because so many are under performing, and the subs are still not good enough. For me I think we wasted 30m on Sissoko and want to know who was behind that transfer, and I think Chadli could have done just as much as he has so far this season. I also think Njie had been with us a season and should have been settled to step up but we get a young GK who seems to need a season to sdettle, makes no sense, and Janssen is now worrying me.

Posted By: TH4Life

Date/Time: 23/11/2016 19:51:00


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