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Guyver, re: Chelsea. At home they have been playing scintillating football, full of pace, movement and goals, everything that we should be doing but don't. However, their back 3 are all accidents waiting to happen, but if we continue with our current style of play we will never get close enough to exploit the weakness. Unless Poch changes things to get attacking players exploiting the space behind their wing backs we will be constantly on he back foot, and with our defenders marking space rather than putting in a tackle around the 18 yard box it's just made for the little Belgian midget to get shots away on goal. I thought we were much more fluid when Alli wasn't playing and that's partly due to the fact that his best position is CM where he can see the game in front of him and arrive late in the box. He can pass through the opposition but finds himself isolated up front nearly always with his back to goal and then tries some stupid flick and we lose both ball and momentum. I also don't agree with those who think GKN is not good enough. He is a raw talent that has pace, ball control and the ability to get behind defences and cross the ball. Even better if someone would play the ball behind defenders for him to run onto. The point is Poch has options but he is not using them very well and he doesn't seem capable of breaking out of this turgid ball retention approach. Consequently, on form, Chelsea should wipe the floor with us. I hope not because I despise Chelsea more than Arsenal but if Poch doesn't get a result then Tuesday's team selection will have been a complete lack of judgement on his part.

Posted By: Harry-Kari

Date/Time: 23/11/2016 19:31:00


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