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I was unable to view the match yesterday, which might be considered good luck on my part, I suppose. But I'm finding I've an unexpected sentiment rising up after several performances recently: a sense of embarrassment. If I had been asked in August whether this would be possible, I'd have thought "no." Even the unbeaten record in the EPL to this date is mocking us. Mauricio needs to demonstrate now that he as as good a manager (coach?) as the world though a few months ago. The words of a weird NBA player some thirty years ago, NY Knicks basketball player, Michael Ray Richardson, are creeping into my mind as he said of his team at that time, "The ship be sinking." Poch needs to right the ship now or the rats will be jumping. If I'm sounding unduly pessimistic now, remember that it wasn't all that long ago that I was accused as being overly optimistic. But we've seen some really poor performances by players we expected would be decent. The ship needs to be righted or the Pochettino era might come to a sad finale as we sink into the shoals. Davey Jones shouldn't have a locker in the tea room.

Posted By: Falstaff the Fool

Date/Time: 23/11/2016 14:53:00


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