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Having refledcted on last night and this season I am still unsure what is happening. I do question Poch attitude towards European football. A must win game and he plays a kid who has one PL experience in the starting 11 of a CL game, very strange. I can understand resting players, so Walker yes, but Vertinghen in such a cruicial match is beyond me as well. If he wanted Wimmer to play then I would have gone three at the back and played wing backs. Wimmer in and Vertonghen out and Winks in was madness, I think Poch got it wrong.

I also think we can see Son now as being a impact player on the left. He started on the right and was poor, but his overall game is woeful at times, except for those early games.

The way I see it is we needed to play our strongest team regardless on Chelsea. We can make PL points up, but we couldn't in the CL.

However, the problems were just not last night, its been all season. Players are not performing and that is what needs to be resolved. We haven't seen Eriksen, Lamela, Son, Dier, Dembele, Dele turn up this season. Kane has been out and is just returning, so we can't question him yet. Our style of play has changed. I don't see any urgency, high press and I wonder whether the efforts of last seasons is causing this season hangover. They worked hard last season, physically and mentally and it seems to me they just haven't got it at the moment.

However, consider this: last season, Dier, Eriksen, Rose, Walker, all got new contracts, all had things to prove, and Son was wanting to prove himself, Kane was as well, after doing so well in his first season, prove people he wasn;t a one season wonder. lamela wanted to prove he was a flop after two poor seasons. Has the something to prove gone out of the window. I don't hear anything about Lamela signing a new contract, Son was on the verge of leaving, have these two players sreached their peak in terms of PL status, are these two looking to play elswhere next season, hence they are not improving this season. Has complacency stepped in with the lads that have signed contracts. I don't know but there is obviously a problem.

Then we have brought very poor in the summer. We have to have some really bad scouts or is it Levy! Everyone know how I feel about spending on Sissoko, but GK is he any better than Njie and Janssen has got me concerned now, he isn't a cover for Kane, he has had the opportunity and hasn't managed to score in open play. Back to over relying on Kane again.

Finally I wonder whether Poch secretly wants to win the PL and he played a weaker inexpereinced side last night as he did in Europa last season. Is that the TRUE aim of the manager and board, even if it isn't the players ambition!.

Now we have only the PL and FA cup, many of these players will not get much game time, what was the point in buying Sissoko for so much if we go out of the CL in the group stages, will we need such a inflated squad especially if we go out of the FA cup early.

My guess now is Poch will work on PL title hopes, but I can't see us even getting top four with the curren performances unless we buy another goal scorer and creative player, but can't see that happening in January.

For me I think the hunger has gone, is that due to the current youngsters coming through not having enough guts and character. When I think of Mason, he wasn't the best player but he had tottenham in his heart, he wanted it, just like Kane did. Look at Kanes mentality, his guts and determination he showed when he weas trying to break through, can we say, Onamah or any of the others have the same guts and determnination, or even more so that strength of character! I don't see leaders in the squad and I don't see the gutsy players in the youngsters, they are 'nice boys', like the senior players 'nice men', for me Kane has something in his mindset that others don't except Lloris, may be Verts on a good day and of late.

We need a leader on the pitch and we need some idienty back, its lost imo

Posted By: TH4Life

Date/Time: 23/11/2016 14:26:00


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