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I think I’m repeating myself but the fact is that last season we had a settled team and they performed well by following the managers directions. So far this season we have not had a settled team due to injuries so why would anyone expect us to perform at the same level. Some of you are way too anxious to point the finger and blame someone, which I understand ... but why Mauricio? The players know what they have to do. They showed that last season. The manager can’t do much about poor or under-par performances from the players ... and there are quite a few at the moment. Some of our squad simply have to lift their game. We all know what they are capable of. We still can’t compete with the clubs above us in terms of squad depth and quality so it is what it is. I think we need to see what happens when everyone is fit and we can field the same team for a few games like we did last season. We play Chelsea away next. It’s pretty bloody obvious who the favourite will be, and for good reason. I believe we can win it or at least get something from it but losing on their ground is no disaster. I wonder who will spit the dummy and start the ‘Poch out’ chant if we lose.

Posted By: Geofspurs

Date/Time: 23/11/2016 13:03:00


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