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shedboy2 - well I do not think that Poch is learning too slowly. If we finish outside 4th, it would be fair enough that there are 4 teams doing better than us. No manager persistently finishes higher and higher. I do believe that we still have a good chance of finishing top 4. We haven't played too well, yet 4 points off top, unbeaten, with the best defensive record and despite under-scoring, we have the 5th highest goals scored. Now that CL is outta the way, we can tweak the league performances. We were never going to win the CL, so it was not worth jeopardising league position for CL performance. Rather be in our position than Leicester's. who have done better in CL, but are 2 points off bottom 3 in league. However that is not saying that we couldn't have managed both comps better.

Posted By: TonyRich

Date/Time: 23/11/2016 11:32:00


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