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I thought Winks did OK particularly 1st half but faded a little in a faltering system which also left Demerol wondering to stick or twist. I thought Alli was poor first half but found more rhythm in the second, the back4 looked like they don't normally play together and weren't sure if wanyama was going to drop into the middle or not...Rose played his normally way but the system around him had changed leaving gaps...Trippier is better than that going forward and needs to show more power defensively...Son is a decent player (nothing more or less) but had a bad game...Kane needs to get his sharpness back but there were encouraging signs...where was the pressing? where was the team play? the pattern of play? imo Poch had them he's done to Eriksen lately who imo isn't anywhere near as poor as pundits are saying this term just being fecked about by the manager...and to un-leash Janssen when we need a goal is like setting a toothless yorkshire terrier on a burglar!

Posted By: shedboy2

Date/Time: 23/11/2016 10:23:00


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