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Vital Football offers an easy, fun and friendly way top partake in a diverse football community. All registered members are warmly welcomed and are encouraged to participate in forums, article comments and submit articles. Like any community, members are bound by certain rules.

Please note, when you joined Vital Football you agreed to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.

We would like to point out that this is a football network, one where all members are welcome to post article comments and forum posts on their team site and also on any other team site (open terrace and at the discretion of the site editor off topic only for forums).

The article comments and forums are for footballing discussion and banter but not abuse.

You are legally responsible for your posts. Threatening or illegal behaviour will, without exception, be reported to your ISP and the police. We ask you to respect other people's opinions no matter how heated the debate and will ban members making overly sexist, racist or homophobic comments.

Please note the front page article comments have swear filters because the comments should be 'bad language light' as they are viewed by all ages. In the forums there is more scope for 'adult' language as long as that falls within the guidelines of the site editor.

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